Kootenai Forest Plan

Dear Friend of Scotchman Peaks for Wilderness,

We believe that Kootenai Forest Supervisor Bob Castaneda acted irresponsibly and improperly when he removed wilderness recommendations from the Kootenai Forest Plan in Montana.  As wilderness supporters we should all be outraged by this attack on the Kootenai’s unprotected wilderness, including the Scotchman Peaks area.  We hope you will agree and join us to take action.

We need lots of letters NOW to make sure wilderness supporters are heard loud and clear. Probably you have heard about this issue before, from the FSPW newsletter, from the Cabinet Resource Group, the newspaper, etc. Right now, we urge you to sit down and put pen to paper with your personal comments. Please, tell key forest service decision makers that it was wrong to take wilderness out of the Kootenai Forest Plan.  Tell them that we are unwilling to witness this assault on our public lands. 

For decades the Kootenai Forest has managed the Scotchman Peaks area as a recommended wilderness.  To remove that recommendation now goes against the promise to preserve these lands; it goes against the wishes of the majority of local citizens; and, it goes against the best interest of everyone who values wilderness.

Bob Castenda’s statement that "wilderness is too controversial to even talk about" challenges each and every one of us to let our elected and appointed officials know that we will not remain silent, that we care enough to talk about how important wilderness is to all of us. Your letter doesn’t have to be lengthy or profound; it just needs to get sent!  Please, join us letting our officials know that we will not sit idly by and watch wilderness potential vanish from the Kootenai or the Scotchmans.

Thank you for your support of wilderness for the Scotchmans!

The Friends of Scotchman Peaks Executive Committee

Phil Hough
Jan Griffitts
Doug Ferrell
Carol Jenkins
Lexie de Fremery
Bill Martin
Cesar Hernandez
Neil Wimberly

PS If you want more background, contact:

Doug Ferrell (406) 827-4341, mferrell_9874@yahoo.com
Phil Hough (208) 255-2780 nowhere_man97@hotmail.com

Please send your comments to the people listed below, in order of priority.

Gail Kimbell, Regional Forester (Castenada’s boss)
PO Box 7669
Missoula, MT 59807

Senator Conrad Burns
222 N. 32nd St. Suite 400
Billings, MT  59101
Go to website burns.senate.gov

Senator Max Baucus
Federal Building
32 East Babcock
Bozeman, MT  59715

Bob Castaneda
Forest Supervisor, Kootenai Forest
1101 Hyw 2 West
Libby, MT  59923

Ranotta McNair
Forest Supervisor, Idaho Panhandle Forest
3815 Schreiber Way
Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815-8363
(208) 765-7223
FAX: (208)765-7307

State Senator Jim Elliott
100 Trout Creek Road
Trout Creek, MT 59874

Representative Paul Clark
20 Fox Lane
Trout Creek, MT 59874

In addition, you can Visit the Montana Wilderness Association Action Center – this is a user-friendly and interactive website that allows you to compose and submit templated electronic letters to the elected officials that make decisions about wilderness lands designation and protection.   It’s a very easy way to make your voice and opinions heard.

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