What’s in your heart this Valentine’s Day?

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As you probably know, this week is Valentine’s Day—hopefully, you didn’t just smack your forehead. All this talk about love and flowers and chocolate and candy has me thinking about who and what I value. And not just value, but hold near and dear; what’s in my heart?

There are the obvious ones:

  • my husband and daughter,
  • my family,
  • my friends (and coworkers).

Then there are the not so obvious ones:

  • living in a beautiful area surrounded by public lands,
  • enjoying those areas with my family,
  • the chance to save the wild Scotchmans.

And living in the greater Scotchman Peaks area, I suspect I’m not alone. Enter Jen Kreiner.

The whole Kreiner clan enjoys a connection to the wild Scotchmans.

The whole Kreiner clan enjoys a connection to the wild Scotchmans.

“I learn a lot about myself exploring wild places…It’s a connection to something that really is hard to define. I like to share that connection with my kids.”

Who do you like to share that connection with? For Jen, it’s about her family being together and exploring northwestern Montana. “…it’s that connection that makes us want to protect the Scotchmans.”

What’s in YOUR heart?


About The Author:

Britta Mireley lives in Sagle with her husband and daughter. She's working for Wilderness so her daughter can create memories in the Scotchmans when she's grown up, just as Britta does today.

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