Free wildlife films slated for Libby and Thompson Falls, February 10 and 11

The Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness will bring three spectacular films from The International Wildlife Film Festival to two Western Montana venues on the second weekend of February. IWFF,  based in Missoula, is the source of many great films, a selection of which  will be shown in Libby and Thompson Falls on February 10 and 11, respectively. These events, which are free to the public, will feature the following films.

IWFF Color logo[1]American Serengeti (Made in Montana): A conservation project is underway to create a thriving three million acre wildlife reserve that will restore “America’s Serengeti.” Filmed over 2 years in stunning high-definition, American Serengeti chronicles the massive restoration project and through computer graphics interface, will fast forward to the future when vast herds of American wildlife will roam the plains once again.

Wings of Thunder: In order to chronicle a year of changing seasons, cinematographer Jeff Hogan spent countless hours in the marshes of Bear River in Utah waiting for the right moments, the perfect light, the changing weather and a host of other factors. The film title comes from an 1843 journal entry by explorer John C. Fremont describing Bear River Bay “animated with multitudes of waterfowl…rising for the space of a mile…with noise like distant thunder.”

Redwoods – Anatomy of a Giant: This film tells the story of the world’s tallest living trees, and Humboldt State University’s Steve Sillett, who is obsessed with climbing monster redwoods. Just when he thinks he’s climbed and measured an unbeatably tall tree, a new record breaker turns up in a hidden valley. Sillett awaits the results of a new high-tech aerial survey that may reveal one of the last undiscovered giants.

The films will be shown at the Little Theater in Libby on February 10th. Doors open at 6:30. The Thompson Falls showing will be a matinee at the Rex Theater. Doors open at 1:30. As  noted, admission is free, but any donations for the Libby and Troy Food Pantries and the Thompson Falls Food Bank will be greatly appreciated.

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