Great Old Broads Coming To Scotchmans!

Great Old Broads for Wilderness [GOB], a hard-working, tenacious national wilderness advocate organization, will visit the Scotchman Peaks area to help promote its designation as a Congressionally established permanent Wilderness Area. Headquartered at the Clark Fork Field Campus, all activities are open to the public including hikes in the Scotchman area, excellent speakers about wilderness efforts in Idaho and Montana, and a volunteer trail maintenance project with the Forest Service.

GOB was established in 1989 in Durango, Colorado. Membership is now nationwide, and includes, men and younger women (known as “Broads In Training”). It attracts public interest and attention in ways other organizations cannot. Its approach is one of perseverance rather than militancy and contentiousness. Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness has been working for over a year to bring Great Old Broads here and we’re grateful for their support.

You’re welcome to participate in the planned activities and assist in making their visit successful.

Dates: July 26-30, 2007
Location: near Sand Point, ID
Cost: $125 tent campers, $135 RV parking , or $190 for bed in shared room bunkhouse
Visit the Great Old Broads website for more information.

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