Trail Descriptions

Want to know elevation gain, mileage, difficulty, and more about a hike you’re considering? Want to know the best trails in the Scotchmans? Most beautiful hikes in the Cabinet Mountains? We’ve got you covered!

Each description includes instructions on driving to the trailhead.

Check out our map here.

Goat Mountain Trail #135

Morris Creek Trail #132

Ross Creek Cedars

Scotchman Peak Trail #65

Star Peak via Big Eddy Trail #999

Pillick Ridge Trail #1036

East Fork Trail #563

Dry Creek Trail #1021

Regal Creek Trail #556

Blacktail Creek Trail #997

Little Spar Lake Trail #556

Spar Peak Trail #324

Group Size Limits

  • 8 person limit – The three rivers district trails including Little Spar Lake, Spar Peak, and trails #142 and #321 beyond the Ross Creek Cedars, and anywhere off-trail.
  • 12 person limit – All other trails in the Proposed Scotchman Peaks Wilderness Area
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