Jeff Copeland – The Real Deal

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Jeff Copeland: the "Real Deal"

Jeff Copeland: the "Real Deal"

During his visit to the our area, author Doug Chadwick described Jeff Copeland as “the Real Deal”. This was Chadwick’s way of saying that when it comes to understanding gulo gulo there is one person who really stands out, who comes as close to understanding these reclusive members of the mustelids better than any one else: Jeff Copeland.

Copeland was the lead research biologist in charge of the Glacier Wolverine Study profiled in Chadwick’s book “The Wolverine Way”.  Copeland has made the study of Wolverines his life’s work.  No one knows these critters better.

For all you Wolverine Fans and aficionados – now’s your chance to meet the “Real Deal”.  Jeff Copeland will be making a presentation to our friends at the Audubon Society on Tuesday April 12th in Coeur d’Alene. Open to the public, free of charge at the Lutheran Church on Ramsey.  Click on the poster for a larger one with full details.

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