Trail Project Day: East Fork Creek #563

When: Saturday Aug 26, 2023
Where: East Fork Trail

Contact: Joel Thompson
Event Description:

Join us on this fun, flat trail project. Last year we cut a new trail here, created a bridge across the creek, side-stepped the bee’s nest and cut new trail on the North side of the creek.  This year we will continue where we left off. It’s very cool to build a trail and at he end of the day see what you have created.  if you are a first time trail maintenance volunteer this is the trail day for you!!!  You’ll help to clear downed trees, repair tread, enhance trail by trimming back plants and reduce user-created shortcuts on the trail.

Wear sturdy boots, carry lots of water, pack lunch and lots of snacks, dress in long pants, long shirt, hat, sunblock, and bring your own work gloves. FSPW will take care of the rest.

We will meet @8am-3pm PST

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How to get there:

East Fork:

Drive from Clark Fork, Idaho, up LIghtning Creek Road about eight miles, turning east onto Road #1084. Continue about .9 miles to a creekside campsite, where you can cross the creek and head uphill to an old logging road. Follow that road uphill until it turns into trail #563.

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