Little Spar Lake Overnight Backpack

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Date: WednesdayJul 31, 2024 through ThursdayAug 01, 2024 (Multi-Day Hike)
Rating: Moderate to Strenuous
Leader: Juli Thurston and Brooke Bolin
Contact:    903-440-2250
Directions to Trailhead or Meeting Location:

Hike Description:

Experience the serenity of the wilderness with our Little Spar Lake Overnight Backpacking Adventure. Nestled in the heart of pristine backcountry, this journey promises breathtaking vistas, tranquil lakeside camping, and unforgettable moments under the starlit sky.

Our adventure begins at the trailhead, where we’ll don our backpacks and set off through the lush Spar Creek Canyon, a fine example of the interior rain forest, surrounded by the melodic sounds of nature.

After just under 4 miles of hiking, we’ll reach the shores of Little Spar Lake, a hidden jewel tucked away in a secluded valley. Here, we’ll pitch our tents on the lakeshore, providing the perfect backdrop for an evening of relaxation and reflection. Take a dip in the pristine waters and unwind by the campfire as the sun sets behind the rugged peaks.

In the morning, wake up to the crisp mountain air and the gentle lapping of waves against the shore. After a hearty breakfast, we’ll pack up our campsite and bid farewell to Little Spar Lake, retracing our steps through the wilderness back to the trailhead.

Whether you’re an experienced backpacker or new to overnight camping, our Little Spar Lake adventure offers an unforgettable escape into nature’s embrace. Join us for an immersive journey through the wilderness, where every step brings you closer to the beauty and tranquility of the Scotchmans.

We will meet at the trailhead at 9:00 am Mountain Time (8am PST).

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