Trail Project Day: Scotchman Peak #65 “Take 3”

When: Saturday Sep 16, 2023
Where: Scotchman Peak

Contact: Joel Thompson
Event Description:

This will be are third trail project day on the flanks of Scotchman Peak. This one will be an amazing hike, interaction with weekend hikers and an opportunity for them to see trail work in the flesh. By this point in the Trail Project season, I hope that our core volunteers are grizzled mountain people, easily climbing the elevation of these tougher peaks in the Scotchman’s. We will be so in-tune with trail projects,  should we hum a tune of two, as we carry our tools up trail #65?

If you are new to trail work and want to be included, please join us on this project. You won’t be disappointed with the team spirit, the effort you put in or great feelings you will gain from being a part of this seasons crew. Join up today.

Wear sturdy boots, carry lots of water, pack lunch and lots of snacks, dress in long pants, long shirt, hat, sunblock, and bring your own work gloves. FSPW will take care of the rest.

We will meet @ 8am-3pm PST

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How to get there:

Scotchman Peak:

In Clark Fork, ID, turn North at the Chevron Station. Go past the school and continue up Mosquito Creek Road #276 to the junction of Road #2295. Turn right and go a little over a mile. Watch for signs for Trail #65. Turn left on road #2294. Turn left next on 2294A. Follow this a little over a mile to where the road ends at the trailhead.

Event Signup Form: