It’s Wolverine Wednesday! Hello, Powder


6-12 inches of fresh snowfall throughout the region last week sparked renewed optimism among our volunteers that plot set-up would be possible for our remaining two bait plots and corridor camera stations. For several of our Wolverine Warriors, this was their second bait station/corridor camera station this season!

celeste cc plot



These extraordinary efforts were compounded by strange weather layers, alder thickets, washed out stream crossings and missing culverts. One crew reports having to cross 15 of the stream crossing kind featured in the picture above.

jim bc plot




But at each turn, crew combated their troubles in several ways:  good ol’ ingenuity, grit, a shared pair of rubber boots, a sense of humor, and duct tape. Did I mention how much these guys ROCK?

eric bc plot

One more of each station is all that remains to be established, and the data will start coming in this weekend. Two groups, Ron Mamajek’s crew and team Gulo Gulo, plan to head out to install fresh data cards this coming weekend.  The project is rolling, as slowly as it started, into its second stage where we will begin to observe the images captured on the cards!  Any guesses as to what else we will see this year?

celeste cc plot 2


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