Learn about the May 15 Bonner County Advisory Vote

On May 15, Bonner County voters will have a chance to do their part to preserve the Scotchman Peaks! The Bonner County Commissioners have decided to put a non-binding advisory question to voters during the primary election May 15, 2018. This vote will be open to all registered voters in Bonner County.

This question will appear on the Republican, Democratic and ballots for any other parties. Unaffiliated voters will have access to a special non-partisan ballot.

Do you favor Senator Jim Risch’s proposal for congressional designation of a 13,960 acre Scotchman Peaks Wilderness area in Bonner County?

Although non-binding, the results potentially have a huge impact on the chances for legislation. Bonner County voters now have a very important opportunity to demonstrate the broad community support the Scotchmans have earned over the decades.

Mark your calendars for May 15! Regardless of your political affiliation, join other Bonner County Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness to vote “In Favor” of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness.

More information at www.voteforscotchmanpeaks.org/

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