2009 Photo Contest Winners Announced

This year’s 2nd Annual FSPW Photo Contest had some fantastic photos entered into it.

Congratulations to everyone who entered! We had over 50 photos this year, and narrowing them down to the top three in each of our categories was difficult, but of course it had to be done.

Here are this years 1st, 2nd and 3rd place choices for each of our four categories, along with some honorable mentions.

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1st Place - Scotchmans Scenery: Jim Schifferns

1st Place: Jim Schifferns

Scotchmans Scenery

  • 1. Jim Schifferns
  • 2. Mike Kroschel
  • 3. Jolanda Van Ooyen
  • Honorable Mention: Daniele Puccinelli
1st Place - Wild Scotchmans: Stan Myers

1st Place: Stan Myers

Wild Scotchmans (Plants & Animals)

  • 1. Stan Myers
  • 2. Karen Jurasin
  • 3. Andrew Klaus
  • Honorable Mention: Ed Bowers
  • Honorable Mention: Susan Lee
1st Place - Scotchmans Spirit: Colleen Reynolds

1st Place: Colleen Reynolds

Scotchmans Spirit

  • 1. Colleen Reynolds
  • 2. Holly Clements
  • 3. Todd Dunfield
  • Honorable Mention: Andrew Klaus
  • Honorable Mention: Colleen Reynolds
1st Place - Scotchmans Water: Daniele Puccinelli

1st Place: Daniele Puccinelli

Scotchmans Water

  • 1. Daniele Puccinelli
  • 2. Randy Dorian
  • 3. Holly Clements
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