Short Films

For decades, filmmakers have found inspiration in Scotchman Peaks. The region has been featured in several short films over the years, particularly through Wildman Pictures. These movies are a great way of seeing how much there is to save in our wild backyard. Who knows? They just might inspire your next hiking, camping, hunting or fishing trip. 

FSPW Newsletter Ann Wimberley is interviewed by Wildman Pictures for the movie Grass Routes

Grass Routes: Changing the Conversation tells the story of how reaching out to the community can build bridges. That’s true with saving wild places, too. By building cooperation with leaders of business, conservation and local government, amazing things can happen.

En Plein Air documents one of the Friends’ Extreme Plein Air hikes into the wilderness. It’s a glimpse into why wilderness calls to artists and a showcase of some great art. 

This American Land highlighted Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness in 2016. 

Also in 2016, Dapp Studios highlighted two FSPW programs: the trail ambassador partnership with the U.S. Forest Service and the Backcountry Ranger internship program.

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