Double (or triple) the Scotchmans love

Happy holidays, Friends!

‘Twas the season of giving,
When all through the Board,
A sense of generosity outwardly poured;
The employees believed in the work that they do,
In the hopes the community would believe in it too.

Okay, I’ll stop. You get the idea. 

The Board and staff of FSPW are passionate about saving the wild Scotchmans. So passionate that we have put our own personal funds together and are matching donations up to $9,000.

You know who else is passionate about saving wild places? Patagonia. If you donate to FSPW by credit or debit card, Patagonia will match your donation as well. Up to $10,000 per each donation.

Patagonia’s match is for a lot of different organizations and will likely run out quickly. Act now to triple your donation to FSPW.

Now is a great time to support. Your donation of as little as $25 could become $75. That will buy food and drinks next summer for the volunteers that keep the Scotchmans trails you love in tip-top shape. That’s a pretty good way to say thank you! Donate now before this opportunity is lost.

Our region’s children and grandchildren will be better off because of your generosity. They will discover nature in its purest form, right here in the incredibly wild Scotchman Peaks. Thank you for loving your wild backyard.

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Britta Mireley lives in Colorado with her husband, daughter, and two cats. She's using her background in marketing and fundraising to save the wild Scotchmans so her daughter and someday, her daughter's children, can discover nature in its purest form.

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