FSPW guides hike with Project Ascent

I was invited to have breakfast with Project Ascent before I guided the group up to Rock Lake. During our meal I was introduced to the word “narg”. Come to find out that while you’re camping with Project Ascent, “narg” is the preferred term to express angst, anger, or any other choice words you may have in your sailor vocabulary. I quickly learned it’s impossible to stay frustrated after you’ve exclaimed “narg”. This is the simple genius of Project Ascent.

According to their website Project ASCENT was created to introduce participants in the the natural world through education and expedition. Participants experience varying levels of outdoor skill sand activities in an immersive setting. An appreciation of our environment is coupled with an opportunity to meet recreational professionals in a service learning atmosphere to provide campers with the ability and motivation to become lifelong stewards of our world and it’s offerings.

After 3 years of partnering up with Project ASCENT, I’ve learned that this non-profit does more than introduce students to the outdoors but it also teaches young people to become decent human beings. The hike to Rock Lake is no joke. It can be long, hot, and the steepest part of the climb provides little shade. While guiding this group, you’d hear someone slip on a rock, “Narg!” Or come across another switchback, “Narg!” Or get bit by another mosquito, “Narg!” However through these trials and tribulations you are shown incredible panoramic views, old mining equipment, waterfalls, huckleberries and an alpine lake that can absolutely take your breath away. Once we’ve reached our summit, any and all complaints are gone and are replaced with relief, smiles, and laughter.

I took some time to discuss values and what having wilderness means to a community. It’s through the mouths of babes that we can find truth. “Silence”, “the ability to disconnect”, “being able to get away from it all”, were some of the answers these campers provided. This is why FSPW will continue to #savethewildscotchmans.

FSPW is proud to support Project ASCENT. What sucks is that we need to wait another year to do it again. Narg!

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Ray Brown grew up in the mountains overlooking Thompson Falls. Besides his duties as Sanders County Outreach Coordinator, he is also the Behavioral Specialist and Assistant Football Coach at Thompson Falls High School. He has a 13 year old son (Kael) and a 2 year old Blue Heeler (Daisy Mae). You can find Ray on the dance floor, at the trail head, or on the field.

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