Mileage: 3-mile round trip 

Difficulty: Average

Elevation Gain: 1,400 feet 

Major Hike Features: This 3-mile hike won’t bust the knees, but it’s still an adequate challenge with a 1,400-foot elevation gain. A popular trail for hunters, the path has solid tread and great views to reward you for your efforts. Look out for two crossings of Blacktail Creek, which are typically manageable most of the year. 

Getting to the Trailhead: Look out for a short powerline access road leaving Highway 200 around milepost 9, which will take you to the trailhead. Be aware of the very limited parking. To get around this, park on the south side of Highway 200, cross the highway and walk to the trailhead.  

Just remember to come prepared. You’ll want to bring:

  • Plenty of water. There is no water along the trail and the first two miles is on a mostly exposed and sunny slope. 
  • Hiking Poles. The trial is steep with loose rock. 
  • A map. The trail can be hard to find sometimes. 
  • Long pants. Overgrown brush, downed trees, can be abundant in early summer before our volunteer trail crew clears the path. 
  • A trowel to do your business and a bag for your trash. There is not bathroom at the trailhead so you’ll have to bury your business and pack out your toilet paper. 
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