Idaho Wildlife Federation supports legislation

The Idaho Wildlife Federation wrote Gov. Otter asking for his support for legislation designating the Scotchman Peaks as Wilderness. Executive Director Brian Brooks wrote “… we support wilderness designation that will protect quality hunting, fishing, and other traditional uses [in the Scotchman Peaks]. By establishing Scotchman Peaks as officially designated wilderness, the area would have the highest level of protection available for natural, historical and cultural resources, ensuring that future generations of hunters and anglers will always have truly wild places to visit in North Idaho.”

See the rest of the letter here.

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Britta Mireley lives in Colorado with her husband, daughter, and two cats. She's using her background in marketing and fundraising to save the wild Scotchmans so her daughter and someday, her daughter's children, can discover nature in its purest form.

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  1. We already have thousands of acres here in Idaho tied up in “Wilderness” status and we do not need anymore. What is really happening when you get back country areas classified as “Wilderness” is that you are blocking access to it to not only thousand of Idahoans, but to millions of other Americans in our country as well. No one gives any consideration to the thousands of senior citizens, disabled folks, folks without the financial resources to hire expensive back country guides, river guides and expensive outfitters. These people represent a large segment of our population and will never be able to enjoy or see these back country areas again. This land belongs to all the people and not just a select few environmentalists, back packers, agency people and others with the physical ability and financial means to enjoy it. It seems that the Idaho Wildlife Federation is attempting to pull the wool over the public’s eyes by using quality access to wildlife hunting and fishing as the reason for granting wilderness status to the Scotchman Peaks area. There are many ways to preserve back country land,and wildlife without locking it up forever from millions of Americans. We need to be exploring these other ways more thoroughly. You need to stop using the preservation of wildlife as the reason for back country wilderness preservation and start being honest for a change.

    1. Hi Gary – Thanks for your comment. We’re sorry that you believe Wilderness designation would “lock up” the Scotchman Peaks. The Scotchmans are recommended as Wilderness in the forest plan to ensure non-motorized access for generations to come so everyday people can spend time in nature.

      1. Regular people in your world do not include elderly,poor folks,folks with disability issues. Great for young athletic well off folks,I.E. your membership

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