Treasured Landscapes Summer 2014 Restoration Activities

Treasured Landscapes Volunteers!

Plans are getting underway for 2014 Treasured Landscapes restoration activities to start up, and we invite you to join us in our second season of project work! Here’s an overview of what we hope to accomplish this summer:

Noxious Weeds Mitigation
Calling all Weed Warriors!  Get hiking with your crewmates and let us know, how is your trail doing? Have the populations altered at all?  What if any circumstances surrounding your trail have changed?  We would love to hear about it!  It would be great to have another year of data to help with prioritizing our trails!!  Contact anytime regarding protocols, gear check out, electronic or printed survey forms, maps, crew concerns, to get involved, or any other ways we can get you started with your research assistance!  Thanks so much for all you do!
Whitebark Pine Surveys
In 2014, the Botany Brigade completed our 100-tree surveys and seed tree assessments with a final 3-day backpack deep into our wilderness proposal to assess the health and regeneration of our native whitebark pine populations.
Stream Restoration
FSPW participated in stream restoration activities on the Lightning Creek and Mud Creek for the  greater Lightning Creek drainage.  Lightning Creek project work entailed willow collection and bundling and planting work. Restoration activities on Mud Creek consisted of a day-long tree planting projects.
Be a part of this historic conservation endeavor as we restore this Treasured Landscape’s wilderness integrity! To learn more, go to our Citizen Scientist webpage and clink on the Treasured Landscapes tab, or email for more information!

Thank you for your interest and commitment to our wilderness land!

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