Summer in Sanders County

I’m aware that summer doesn’t officially end until September 22nd but for those of us with children or that work in the school system, summer officially ended on Labor Day. I took the long weekend to relax as much as possible and reflect on what a wonderful summer it’s been in Sanders County.

Working for FSPW means coming up with creative ideas to engage the community. In June I attempted to hold an Extreme Plein Air art show outdoors. Mother nature did not cooperate and instead of FSPW engaging the community the community engaged FSPW by assisting a last minute venue relocation. It took me over a week to recover and reflect on lessons learned but without a doubt I was moved by how quickly my tiny community of Thompson Falls came together and turn a wet mess into a dry success.

In July I was asked to provide an outreach booth and a PA system for the Summer Kick Off sponsored by the Highlead Saloon. It was a beautiful day in a beautiful location and kids of all ages had an opportunity to touch pelts of many amazing animals that walk in our woods and swim in our rivers.

Mid July turned into hiking season and FSPW was asked to guide Project Ascent into the Cabinet Wilderness. This wonderful organization takes students from grades 6-12 on camping experiences that will forever change lives. It’s wonderful to see the face of an absolutely exhausted teenager, who has complained for the last 2 miles and 1000 vertical feet, when they first glance Rock Lake and they know they’ve reached their destination. I’ve been fortunate enough to guide four trips and it never gets old.

My final summer assignment for FSPW was an outreach booth at the 40th Annual Huckleberry Festival in Trout Creek. I met many locals and many more who are wishing to be local. I discussed values, purpose, and vision with folks possessing a variety of political leanings. Some minds were changed, some were not. However I had a very vocal Trump supporter buy a T-shirt so I’m considering the weekend as a win.

Summer of 2019 was a win. I’m truly blessed to live in God’s Country where I’m surrounded by beauty and beautiful people. Working with FSPW to protect what I love, the majestic Scotchman Peaks Wilderness, is a dream come true so thank you to everyone who made this summer so great and thank you for your continued support to #savethewildscotchmans.

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Ray Brown grew up in the mountains overlooking Thompson Falls. Besides his duties as Sanders County Outreach Coordinator, he is also the Behavioral Specialist and Assistant Football Coach at Thompson Falls High School. He has a 13 year old son (Kael) and a 2 year old Blue Heeler (Daisy Mae). You can find Ray on the dance floor, at the trail head, or on the field.

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