What in the world is Plein Air?

FSPW is hosting an Extreme Plein Air art show on Thursday, June 6 from 4-8pm at Big Eddy’s Deck Bar in Thompson Falls, Montana.  If you’re anything like me you may be asking yourself “What in the world is Plein Air?”

Last spring I was introduced to Ed Robinson.  During a lovely dinner event Ed pulled me aside and asked if I was familiar with Plein Air painting.  I was not.  Everything I know about art comes from watching Bob Ross videos on YouTube.  Ed shared a couple stories and I reflected “So you go outside and paint?”  Ed smiled and filled me in on the extreme dirty details involved to paint “En Plein Air”.  I was blown away  and immediately needed to learn more.  I became obsessed and spent an irrational amount of hours researching the history of Plein Air.

Did you know that 19th century landscape artists were key in creating the original conservation movement? I didn’t.

Big Eddy’s and Montana Distillery are proud co-sponsors of this year’s Extreme Plein Air art show. Free appetizers along with low-priced “plein air” custom cocktails will be featured so join FSPW in celebrating our treasured landscapes and meet the artists brave enough to follow Sandy Compton into our wild Scotchman’s.


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Ray Brown grew up in the mountains overlooking Thompson Falls. Besides his duties as Sanders County Outreach Coordinator, he is also the Behavioral Specialist and Assistant Football Coach at Thompson Falls High School. He has a 13 year old son (Kael) and a 2 year old Blue Heeler (Daisy Mae). You can find Ray on the dance floor, at the trail head, or on the field.

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