Volunteers get paid in personal tender.

GaryForBlogPostDear Current and Former FSPW leaders,
Well, here I am in the library of the University of Wyoming.  Being an “old guy,” I still enjoy browsing amongst the periodicals…touching real paper once from a tree versus viewing images online.
What leaps out to me from the stacks but the Nov/Dec 2012 issue of Montana Outdoors with Aaron Theisen’s piece “Searching for Wolverines in the West Cabinets.”  While I knew of this article months ago, I had forgotten about it over time.
At a past ICL Wild Idaho, I once heard Phil describe the sense of ownership or personal pride that volunteers had with “their” bait station.  So, I am here to reinforce Phil’s observation.  The beautiful ermine photo on page 3 of the piece came from “our” bait station (Tim Patton and mine) in the lower Selkirks.  The reason I keyed on the photo is that just 2 days ago, here in Laramie, I was showing the full ermine photo sequence to our 5 year old grandson, Alec.
Yeah, there is just a little personal pride wrapped up in all of this!
So, well done, current and former FSPW leaders!  It is great to see the hard work of you and so many others well reflected for folks to learn of/know of.
Here’s hoping I can take part again in the winter of 2013/2014, providing the bait station is relatively close to where we can park a truck!
Be well this day,
Gary Payton
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