Winds in the Wilderness: Young and Old Growth

When the temperatures breach 100 degrees Fahrenheit, it is time to head for the hills, and the cool refuge of the Ross Creek Cedars in the proposed Scotchman Peaks Wilderness is an ideal spot for young and old alike.  This weekend, the Community Kids Hike program, a cooperative event between the Friends of Scothchman Peaks Wilderness and Transitions in Progress, enjoyed the cool shade of the ancient canopy and the crystal waters of Ross Creek as the kids rossBexperienced the wonders of an old growth forest.  For many of the kids, this was their first time in such unique section of forest land.  This is an ideal location for rossArecreators seeking ecological diversity, cool mountain temperatures, and easy-relief trails to saunter about and enjoy our public lands.  Thanks to Diane Brockway and Pam Conrad for volunteering their skills leading this delightful group of children through this enchanting forest.

Hopefully most of you will get a chance to venture out to this weekend’s 50th Anniversary of Wilderness celebration in the Cabinets Mtns at Bull Lake, where festivities have been rolling ever since Friday afternoon.  Guest Speakers, hikes and activities, puppet shows for the kids, live entertainment, and great food and beverages fill the weekend’s events in the beautiful backdrop of bull1the Bull Lake, nestled in the valley between the Cabinet Mountain and proposed Scotchman’s Wilderness lands.  Come and enjoy all the reasons that our wilderness lands are so important here.  And stay cool everyone!

Keep Wild!

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