About The Board & Staff | Scotchman Peaks Wilderness

About The Board & Staff

We conduct education, outreach and stewardship activities to preserve the rugged, scenic and biologically diverse 88,000 acre Scotchman Peaks Roadless Area.  We believe the Scotchman Peaks deserve congressional designation as Wilderness for the benefit and enjoyment of current and future generations.

Our board and staff and key volunteers are concerned residents of North Idaho, Western Montana, and Eastern Washington committed to the protecting and preserving the Wilderness character of the Scotchman Peaks. We want to make sure that this special place stays the same, not only for us but for the benefit of future generations.

Below the biographies of our Board of Directors, additional staff, and key volunteers, you’ll find our Non-Discrimination Policy.

Board Members

Doug Ferrell

Chairman and Montana Outreach Director

Doug graduated from Brown University in 1972, and moved to Montana soon after. He is a home...

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Brad Williams


Brad was born and raised in Libby, montana.  He graduated from the university of Montana and...

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Mark W. Cochran

Board Secretary

Mark is a graduate of the University of Idaho and a retired US Marine. In 2001 he felt drawn...

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Neil Wimberley

Hope/Clark Fork Outreach Director
Neil Wimberley

Neil was born in Alabama in 1947. He graduated from medical school in 1973, and practiced...

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Robin Chisholm

Board Member

Coming soon!

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Jessie Grossman

Vice Chair

Jessie Grossman is a conservation practitioner with a passion for big, wild landscapes and the...

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Phil Hough

Executive Director
Phil Hough

Phil graduated from Colby College in 1981 with a BA in English Literature. After 20+ years in...

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Britta Mireley

Deputy Executive Director

Britta Mireley grew up in the Black Hills of South Dakota and Wyoming. She graduated from the...

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Ray Brown

Sanders County Outreach Coordinator

Ray Brown moved with his family to Thompson Falls in 1992.  He spent his high school years...

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Autumn Lear

Program Coordinator

Long time resident of Idaho, Autumn Lear has worked seasonally in forestry and education for...

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Cameron Rasmusson

Communications Specialist / Newsletter Editor

Cameron Rasmusson is a writer and journalist who grew up in Scotchmans territory. While he now...

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Henry Jorden

Lincoln County Outreach Coordinator

Henry grew up ranching and recreating along the Rocky Mountain Front in Choteau, Montana. He...

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Volunteer Staff

Jim Mellen

Merchandise Manager
Jim Mellen

Jim was born in Washington DC in 1948 and raised in Northern Virginia. After attending college...

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Trisha Miller


Trisha has been deeply involved in technology for the past 25 years, primarily in the...

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