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As you may already know, today is Idaho Gives! You may be asking yourself, Why does that matter?

Today is an opportunity to show what’s in your heart. You can show your support for programs to save the wild Scotchmans. As Howard and Connie Shay put it, “It’s important to save this incredibly wild place for future generations, so [our] children and grandchildren can enjoy this rugged area as we do.”

Why donate today? Your donation to FSPW may be the key. Every donation FSPW receives today enters the organization into drawings for prizes. The programs you love may receive an extra $250 or even $1,000!

“I like to think that my kids and their kids, long after I’m gone, will be able to go [to the Scotchman Peaks] and find their own wild place. It’s this about the Scotchmans that’s so humbling to me and makes me feel like part of something larger.” – Matt Nykiel

Become part of something larger. Donate today.

P.S. You don’t have to be an Idahoan to donate! In fact, there is a Global Giver prize. It goes to the organization that receives a donation from the location furthest from Boise.

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Britta Mireley lives in Sagle with her husband and daughter. She's using her background in marketing and tourism to save the wild Scotchmans so her daughter and someday, her daughter's children, can discover nature in its purest form. Britta also serves on the Bonner Community Housing Agency board and enjoys nerding out over historic downtowns.

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