FSPW launches podcast ‘Your Wild Place’

Social distancing. Working from home. Teleconferencing. The workstyle may change, but the goal of saving our wild backyard stays the same.

To help flatten the curve while still getting the wilderness word out, Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness is starting a podcast. Named “Your Wild Place,” the first episode is available to download or stream right now through the platform of your choice at www.scotchmanpeaks.org/podcast.

“Your Wild Place” tells personal stories that bring out the humanity in wilderness. The first episode follows longtime FSPW staffer Sandy Compton as he reflects on a childhood of growing and learning in his wild place. And next week, FSPW staffers Britta Mireley, Ray Brown and Autumn Lear will talk to their kids about the region’s many iconic birds. Upcoming episodes will follow a similar track, exploring our relationship to wilderness from many different perspectives.

The podcast is a community effort from pre-production to publication. It is sponsored by Blue Creek Press. The theme music is written and performed by Ben Olson and Cadie Archer. And regional community members lend their voices and stories that bring wild places to life.

Follow FSPW on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud to catch “Your Wild Place” when new episodes are released.

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Cameron Rasmusson is a writer and journalist who grew up in Scotchmans territory. While he now calls Sandpoint home, he spent his formative years in the natural beauty of Libby, Montana. From elementary to high school, he enjoyed the outdoor experiences that mountain towns provide.

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