Wild & Scenic Film Fest comes to the Panida

Join us at the historic Panida Theater in Sandpoint for the 22nd annual Wild and Scenic Film Festival! You won’t want to miss this one – Friday, March 22, 2024 at 7pm. Here’s a sneak peek at the 9 films we’ll be showing about our human connections to nature and the wild held within.


A ballet dancer finds her true expression through rediscovering her passion for movement in the mountains.

Between Earth & Sky

Renowned ecologist Nalini Nadkarni studies “what grows back” after a disturbance in the rainforest canopy. After surviving a life-threatening fall from a tree, she must turn her research question onto herself to explore the effects of disturbance and recovery throughout her own life.


Apayauq Reitan’s journey of gender, mental health, and purpose on her way to become the first out transgender woman to complete the legendary Iditarod sled dog race across Alaska.

Brave Girl

Brave Girl is a strong young adventurer who, with the help of her grandpa, is beginning her journey of finding out what it takes to climb mountains. Even though she’s only 6, she has an unwavering ambition to climb the biggest mountains in the world, starting with the ones in her backyard in Wyoming

Chicas al Agua

You can count the number of female paddlers in Futaleufú, Chile on one hand… and they want to change that. After many riverside matés and floating conversations, the idea to create a kayak course for local teenage girls was hatched. Thanks to a committed group of women from around the globe, what started as a dream is now an inspirational contribution to the local community.

Driving Sweep

Few river guides ever get the chance to drive Idaho’s Iconic sweep boat. Driving Sweep follows Katie Veteto as she learns how to “drive sweep” down the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. She’s known the rapids and the river. Now, she is learning to drive a 4,000-lb sweep down steep, rocky rapids.

Light Beams for Helena

Helena Bourdillon has pushed her limits in the freediving world, using a single breath to dive to seemingly impossible depths. But her path to discovering her diving potential started 20 years ago when she was on the verge of suicide. Light Beams For Helena explores her journey with depression, her ongoing mental health efforts, and what diving into the darkness of deep water has taught her about life and light.


Feeling stuck in life, 54-year-old India Wood bucks the traditional way of recreating and strikes a novel path across the state of Colorado. Taking a uniquely in-depth look at the world around her, India’s walk is a celebration of the originality that makes us human and delights in doing things a little bit differently.


A coming-of-age documentary about growing up and making choices, the film explores the delicate interplay between wildlife, the environment, and human life.

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