3000th Friend is due in August. Will you sign them up?

We are seeking our 3,000th Friend of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness, and we know we will meet them in August. We just don’t know – yet – who they are, or who will welcome them as a new Friend.

Two of our biggest opportunities to make new Friends and get our message to literally hundreds of people are just around the corner: the Trout Creek Huckleberry Festival (August 13-15) and the Bonner County Fair (August 24-28). Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness will have a booth at both of these multiday events staffed by volunteers, board members and staff.

Who will the mystery guest — our 3000th Friend — be — and who will be there to greet them?
Who will the mystery guest — our 3000th Friend — be — and who will be there to greet them?

FSPW always welcomes and encourages volunteers to help in our booths and at our tables. It is a rewarding and illuminating experience, a chance to meet like-minded folks and also an opportunity to enjoy the event going on around the booth even as you help FSPW get the word out about the Scotchmans. This year, though, someone in one of these booths will be privileged to sign up that 3,000th Friend, and we will honor both of them (once we figure out who they are — our reporting process will take a couple of days) with some FSPW swag and some special recognition.

It could be you. We are still accepting volunteers for both the Festival and the Fair.

To help at the Huckleberry Festival, e-mail Ernie Scherzer at xberea@blackfoot.net

To volunteer for the Bonner County Fair, e-mail sandy@scotchmanpeaks.org

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