Help us keep the ball moving toward the goal line in the Scotchmans

When Senator Risch (R-ID) introduced the Scotchman Peaks Wilderness Act in December of 2016, we experienced a great surge of hope. Even though the bill was introduced at the end of the session and therefore did not move forward, public meetings since held by the Senator and his staff consistently demonstrated the support of the “grassroots” movement for the designation of the Idaho portion of the Scotchman Peaks as Wilderness.

In the meantime, FSPW staff and volunteers continue to work with conservation partners and Senator Risch’s staff to move toward reintroduction. We feel that we are very close.

As we continue to work for Wilderness in the West Cabinets, we invite you to join us in sustaining this effort, and keep us moving forward in both Idaho and Montana. We invite you to join us in our mission to protect the Scotchmans with a financial gift or a few hours as a volunteer, by hosting a party in your home, or simply urging friends and family to support our cause by becoming a Friend.

We appreciate very much your continued support. We couldn’t do it without you. We wish you a wonderful holiday season and a happy and successful 2018.

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Britta Mireley lives in Sagle with her husband and daughter. She's using her background in marketing and tourism to save the wild Scotchmans so her daughter and someday, her daughter's children, can discover nature in its purest form. Britta also serves on the Bonner Community Housing Agency board and enjoys nerding out over historic downtowns.

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