Solitude, challenges among Wilderness gifts

There’s just no telling how wilderness could touch your life.

Whether you immerse yourself in the wild solitude or look on it from afar, it makes its presence known. And this holiday season, we’re reflecting on all the ways wilderness improves our lives. It isn’t just a gift — it’s many gifts rolled up into one. Each individual finds a unique value from their wild backyard. That’s why there are so many reasons people support saving wild lands for their kids and grandkids.

For many supporters, immersion in nature is the greatest gift of wilderness.

“[I love] knowing there are places of silence, where the beauty around you such as bird song and wind in the trees, can fill you up,” said Sue Elsa.

It can bring you a true sense of peace. Or it can show you who you really are.

“The love of hiking and challenging yourself in the wilderness and the awe of it all [is what I value most],” said Juli Hutchins Thurston.

For some, simply knowing that wilderness exists gives peace of mind. With humankind’s footprint bigger than ever, it’s reassuring that some of America’s most precious natural resources are untouched.

“Just knowing that it’s there is extremely important to me,” said Bill Bissell. “I might never go there but knowing that it exists somehow brings me peace. It’s very hard to express.”

This holiday season, we’ll be looking at those gifts of the wilderness in more detail. Do you have something you value the most about wilderness? Email us at

“I hope my son can always find a sense of vastness, remoteness, feeling small, feeling that there are still places he can discover secrets for himself,” said Jackson Frishman.

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Cameron Rasmusson is a writer and journalist who grew up in Scotchmans territory. While he now calls Sandpoint home, he spent his formative years in the natural beauty of Libby, Montana. From elementary to high school, he enjoyed the outdoor experiences that mountain towns provide.

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